Prism of Possibilities Psychotherapy – Christine C. Cantrell, PhD

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Prism of Possibilities, Christine C. Cantrell PhD

Christine C. Cantrell has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and 30 years of counseling in the fields of pastoral ministry, grief and psychotherapy. She is fully licensed as a psychologist in the State of Michigan. She also has an MA in Divinity (M.Div.), was an ordained pastor of 2 churches, and was a grief counselor with local hospices. She has practiced psychology in area clinics since 1993.

Trained in Humanistic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dr. Cantrell is eclectic in her approach to psychology, using a variety of techniques to assist clients in reaching their goals. Specially trained in the area of spirituality, Dr. Cantrell is also trained in therapy for grief and HIV/AIDS. She has specific training in several Energy Psychology techniques, including HeartMath’s EmWave and Freeze-Framer; Thought Field Therapy (Callahan Techniques) and Emotional Freedom Technique which are particularly helpful with anxiety, panic, and phobias, as well as depression.

She works with the lesbian, gay and bisexual and transgender community and issues relevant to those experiences.

Christine C. Cantrell, PhD

Christine C. Cantrell, PhD

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