Every flower must grow through dirt. – Wendy Gould

Psychotherapy is a natural, dynamic process of growth, healing and learning. To use the metaphor of the life cycle of a butterfly, therapy is what helps us transform from caterpillars to butterflies.

Entering therapy, you experience “caterpillar” symptoms: depression, anxiety, insomnia, anger, tears. Life feels difficult, is limited and cumbersome. You focus on a “butterfly” goal: to feel peace; find a new job; make a relationship work; figure out who you are; what you want in your life.

In the safe space of psychotherapy, you are heard as you explore life’s patterns. You learn coping techniques to modulate feelings, identify needs, and create peace and acceptance. Like the caterpillar spinning a cocoon in order to transform, you may not be able to envision your life without sadness or hurt, but trust the process, and you will become a butterfly, even when all you’ve ever known is caterpillar.

I am committed to helping all who wish to heal, grow and change in this journey. I am a wounded healer. For those I cannot help, I am happy to offer referrals.

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