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Dear Christine, Unsure at University of Michigan

  • Posted on November 6, 2017 at 10:50 am

Dear Christine, I’m a young just out gay man. My question is, do all gay men have anal sex? When I goggled that to find some answers, it just took me to porn sites and sex toys. So far, I’m a virgin to that and the truth is, I can’t see myself ever doing that. I know I’m gay. I’ve only ever been attracted to men. My experience is limited to the one boy I kissed in high school. It never went farther than kissing. I just have no desire to experience anal sex as the receiver or the giver. I seriously am just coming out. Where can I find this info? I don’t even know any gay men well enough to ask. I’m afraid to start dating or go to a bar.  I want to date men, I’m just a little nervous of what’s expected of me when intimacy begins. Signed, Unsure at University of Michigan Dear Unsure, The quick answer to your question is there is no one thing that all gay men do, or don’t do.  Humanity is predictably unpredictable and there’s a myriad ways that we express ourselves, gay or straight, male or female.  In fact…