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Dear Christine, Sad in Saline

  • Posted on May 20, 2019 at 10:48 am

Dear Christine, My sister is pretending to like guys, when she’s a lesbian? I feel really bad. She’s 16 and she’s really popular. Everyone likes her in our school. I never knew she was a lesbian because she’s had so many boyfriends but when I came home early from work once I saw her and her girlfriend on our couch touching each other. She told me she was homosexual but it’s no big deal. Our parents force us to go to church and my dad is a jerk, he always makes fun of this girl who dresses like a guy and I realized it was the same girl she was kissing… I told my dad to stop and she said “why he’s right, dykes go to hell that’s so nasty” and she whispered to me and told me to shut up. I feel bad because I see her sneaking out of our balcony all the time to see her. My dad always makes rude comments but she just laughs at them. I tried talking to her and telling her it’s not good to be in denial and she said “Do you want dad to find out i’m a lesbian and…

Dear Christine, Sad in Saline

  • Posted on June 4, 2017 at 11:54 am

Dear Christine, My group of close friends consists of 6 couples. We’ve been tight for more than 20 years even going on vacations together. This past election was hard on us as many of our group worked hard to get Hillary elected and Trump as president is giving us much anxiety. Last night, one of the couples invited the group to dinner saying they needed to get something out in the open. Much to our surprise, they let us know that they are republicans, have always been republicans but have kept it to themselves…until now. They are sick of us bashing Trump and asked if we could keep politics out of our group. After their shocking announcement, there ensued a passionate debate and even some tears. We decided the remaining 5 couples would go off on our own to discuss and absorb the news.The majority of the group is so disgusted that our two friends can defend Trump even after all we have seen that they want to cut them lose. Me and my wife hope for a reconciliation of some kind and to not throw away 20 years of friendship. We just don’t know if there is a way…