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Dear Christine, Nervous in Novi

  • Posted on September 25, 2017 at 10:24 am

Dear Christine, Have you ever looked into another woman’s eyes and your heart began to race? Well that’s what it was like for me. First off I never intended to like girls. I wasn’t raised that way but some things changed down the line. I met this woman. She changed me just staring at me a few times. Like it’s a stare you can’t describe. You just feel your heart race and you sweat a little. So at first I didn’t know how to approach her. But I finally did, through my sister. We began to talk a lot on the phone and I began to get closer and that made me catch the feelings for her that I still have right today. She’s probably the first person I have ever taken seriously. I plan on telling her how I feel hoping she’ll understand. I know there’s not much she can do because she’s married but she can at least learn from her mistakes of leading me on. There will be those days where she will wink and touch me and smile or even interrupt whoever she’s talking to say hey to me. Then other days she’ll walk right past…