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Dear Christine, Parenting in Pontiac

  • Posted on July 3, 2017 at 9:42 am

Dear Christine, My partner and I have 3 kids and the oldest, a girl, just tuned 13. We are worried that she’s hanging out with the wrong crowd-older kids. She has become secretive, we’ve caught her in lies (nothing major) and she has a boyfriend. Short of locking her in the house until she’s 21, we are unsure how to handle this. We’ve tried to have the drug talk, the sex talk and she just gets mad and embarrassed and says she’s would never do that. Thanks, Parenting in Pontiac Dear Parenting, You have a tough job. What is most important is to keep communication channels up with your daughter and stay active in her life and keep her involved with both of you and other family and friends. Focus on her interests and hobbies, even if they aren’t your preference. Get to know her friends, meet her boyfriend, make your home the place where kids like hanging out, so you can get to know them and you can observe dynamics and relationships. Give your daughter room to rebel safely. When she wants a style of hair or clothes that you don’t like, give her room to make those decisions.…