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Consumed in Commerce

  • Posted on October 9, 2016 at 11:47 pm

Dear Christine,   I’m not one to normally have issues that would put me in a position to ask for help however I’ve begun to think my husband and I are becoming unhinged. Every morning we wake up, turn on the cable news and find out the latest on this crazy election. In the evening we get home from work and the news channels go back on. We both check constantly on the latest polls and have become consumed with the outcome to the point that it’s making us both a wreck. We’ve tried to unplug unsuccessfully.  To be clear, we are terrified of a Trump presidency. I know it’s only 30 more days until this will be all over but what can we do in the meantime to stop being so stressed out? Regards, Consumed in Commerce Dear Consumed in Commerce, You have a lot of company this election season!  Having just watched the second debate, both sides have strong feelings and couldn’t restrain themselves from applauding and cheering several times. Our country is at a crossroads and voting will make the difference in what direction the United States will go.  Both sides are frightened of the country the other…