Q. Do I need psychotherapy?

A. If you are experiencing a difficult time in your life when you are feeling stuck and unable to make a decision, it is a good time to consider psychotherapy. Having an objective opinion from a professional therapist who is trained in helping people resolve their problems, is a good idea to follow. When you keep doing the same things and getting the same results, and nothing seems to be working out the way you planned, it is time to see a therapist for help.

Q. Are you the right psychologist for me?

A. It is not always easy to know who is the best psychologist for your particular needs. I try to accommodate to individual clients by being as fair and open-minded as I can. It is often a good idea to call and speak with me before you decide to make an appointment. That way, you can get a better idea of my personal style and personality, which will enable you to make a decision. If I am not the right therapist for you, I will help you find someone who may be a better fit.

Q. How do I start talking about my problems?

A. Begin with the immediate crisis or difficulty that brings you to therapy. Though I do take your history the first time we meet, it is not essential to present all of the history of the problem in the first session. It is better to outline the current source of your dilemma and discuss some of the ways in which you have arrived at your present situation and use this information to help you come up with some solutions.

Q. Can you save my relationship or my marriage?

A. It is not my job to save your marriage or your relationship. I do not have the power or the potential to do this–only you do. I will help you try to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. This requires a personal commitment on both of your parts and a decision that you are willing to invest your time and energy in the process. I have the background and experience to guide you into making decisions that are in your own best interests, both individually and as a couple. Please be aware that insurance companies do not reimburse for couple’s therapy, even though they recognize that many people seek treatment for their relationship.

Q. What about my privacy?

A. See the Privacy Policy.

Q. How long does therapy take?

A. Anywhere from one hour to several years. I work with people on both long and short term plans, depending on the severity of the problem and the difficulties that are encountered along the way. Usually, one problem is caused by another, and it takes a while to uncover all the factors involved. I believe in making the psychotherapy experience as effective as possible and I respect an individual’s right to proceed at her or his own pace. I realize that change is a difficult thing to accomplish, and we have no way of knowing how long it will take.

Q. How will I know that I’m done?

A. When you have accomplished your goals and made the changes you wanted in your life. It is up to you to decide whether or not you have done what you wanted to in coming to therapy. Often, one change leads to another, and you may realize that you have changed some things without even realizing it. It is important to evaluate your progress along the way, and see if there are other areas you would like to explore. As always, it is your decision to begin therapy and it is your decision to end it. When the time comes, you will know and it will feel like the right thing to do.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. My usual and customary fees are:
$200 for a 60-minute intake.
$175 50-minute individual or couple’s session.
$90 for a 30-minute half session.
Insurance companies no longer pay for extended sessions of anything over 60 minutes unless there is a documented emergency.  I do make allowances for people who do not have insurance or whose insurance limit has run out. I try to be as fair as possible in establishing my fees, and I am willing to set up payment plans to take care of the cost over a period of time. I will do whatever I can to make it financially possible for you to get the help you need as long as you are willing to make a similar commitment.

Q. What about insurance and managed care plans?

A. I only participate as a provider for the following insurance companies: Aetna, BCBS Traditional and PPO, (not BCN), Cofinity, HAP, and Medicare. I will check your insurance coverage for you and bill these insurance companies directly. You are responsible for your deductible and copays at the time of your session. You may pay with cash, check or credit and debit cards, including PayPal. Some people are issued an HSA or health savings account card, which you may also use. For any insurance other than those listed above, you must pay for your session and then I will bill your insurance company or HSA electronically for you to receive reimbursement. This private pay arrangement gives you an extra layer of confidentiality. Managed care companies require information such as your diagnosis, symptoms, prognosis, progress and treatment plan in order to authorize payment for a limited number of sessions. I have a strong commitment to protecting your confidentiality and I will work with you to continue your treatment even if your insurance plan stops paying.

As of January 1, 2013,  insurance companies are paying for 30-minute half sessions, 45-minute standard sessions, and 60-minute extended sessions.  They are no longer paying for an extra long session of 90 minutes unless there is a documented emergency.  If you choose to meet longer than insurance approved lengths of sessions, you are welcome to pay cash for that portion of your session.

Q. Do you take Medicare and Medicaid?

A. Yes, I do take Medicare. For referrals for Medicaid, I can help you find a referral through Community Mental Health, which administers services with various clinics and therapists, such as Easter Seals in Oakland County.

Q. When can I make an appointment?

A. You are welcome to call between 9 am and 9 pm Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday when I am available to see clients at 248-591-2888. I try to schedule emergency appointments within a few hours from your call, and regular appointments within two days of your call. If I am not available, please leave a message and I will return your call promptly. You may also reach me by e-mail: Email Me Here but a phone call is required to in order to schedule a first appointment.

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